Wausau Store Brand

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Our own "Store or House Brand" line of Products !
--- We use mostly local, regional, and organic ingredients, plus the soup stocks are made-from-scratch.

* Enjoy 5 advantages with "Downtown Grocery" Brand Products:
1 Unique Products We make our unique products that are price competive!
2 Quality and Taste: We use high quality ingredients and prepare great tasting selections!
3 More Local Dollars: Giving more dollars to more local suppliers and to our kitchen staff.
4 Local and/or Organic: We prepare products using mostly local, regional and/or organic ingredients.
5 Fun and Exciting Selections, such as the following:
       - Hummus Dip in many flavors, such as Red Pepper, and Sundried Tomato
       - Soups for take-out, find in our frozen department
       - Bakery that's made-from-scratch from in-store bakeshops!