Downtown Wausau Bakery

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Two Bakeshops inside Downtown Grocery!
--- We prepare a unique selection of made-from-scratch baked goods!

* Enjoy a variety of made-from-scratch baked goods available:
              Downtown Grocery Bakeshop
                            - old-fashioned & innovative bakery including select items made without gluten nor dairy.
              Be Well Bakeshop - Founder, Megan Curtes Korpela
                            - Gluten-Free Goodness, Vegan Selections, and Breads
                            - UPDATE: Be Well is not currently operating.

The Bakeshops include:

Downtown Grocery Bakeshop

The Downtown Grocery Bakeshop creates a large variety of baked goods including Bars, Cakes, Cookies, and Muffins including selection made without gluten nor dairy.

Be Well Bakeshop LLC

The Be Well Bakeshop is currently not operating. Be Well Bakeshop is owned by Megan Curtes Korpela and prepares a variety of gluten-free & vegan bakery including: bars, breads, cookies, muffins, rolls, and scones. Be Well states:

--- "Our handcrafted, gluten free baked goods are made with simple, healthful ingredients - no preservatives, no wheat, and when possible Wisconsin grown and organic. Alternative flours, milled from ancient grains, seeds, and legumes, create the perfect balance between great taste and nourishment.
Be healthy, feel good, taste joy ... Be Well!"