Wausau Fair Trade Organic Coffee Tea

Lunch Dinner  Coffee Tea  Bakery  Fast-Food  Store Brand

Coffee & Tea !

1 Enjoy a cup of coffee made with beans from local & Wisconsin roasters!
       - Wisconsin Roasters including:

       - New Roots Coffee, Ringle, WI
       - Kickapoo Coffee, Viroqua, WI
       - Big Water Coffee, Bayfield, WI
       - Condor Coffee Company, Wausau, WI
       - Ruby Coffee Roasters, Nelsonville, WI

2 Whole Bean Coffees for home-brewing.
       - Featuring whole coffee beans roasted by Wisconsin Roasters as noted above.

3 Big selection of both loose leaf and bagged tea, such as:
Rooibos Tea , South African Red Tea (Roy-Boss meaning Red Bush), naturally sweet, no caffeine
Chai Green , Indian Tea
       - Gunpowder Green , Chinese Tea
       - Sencha Green , Japanese Tea
       - Yerba Mate , Argentinian Tea (well, it's not an actual tea but the leaves are steeped like tea)
Irish Breakfast , English Tea