Wausau Green Grocery

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It's Earth-Friendly

* Downtown Grocery.com™ follows earth-friendly, sustainable, and green practices:

1 A Local-Organic Grocery & Deli and an Everyday Farm Market...
       "...featuring regional farmers, producers and food entrepreneurs...
           to nurture an earth-friendly place...
               to share food ideas and grow a local food economy and...
                   hey, by the way, farmer's rule!" says Kevin Korpela.

2 Grocery Bags --- We've several options for carrying home your groceries:
    - Brown and white paper bags
    - Encourage the use of reusable bags:
        ...such as a paper bag from your last visit
        ...or a cloth bag, backpack, messenger bag, big purse or an upturned hat!

3 Local and Organic --- Emphasize food grown and produced by local and regional farmers, growers, and producers to minimize industrial methods, limit transportation costs and offer more farm to table options.

4 Reuse an old building --- Restored a 100 year old retail storefront (constructed about 1910) on Wausau's "Main Street." Reconstruction began on March 1, 2006 by painting a "gigantic vegetable mural" on our windows, then removed non-original finishes revealing a hardwood floor, tin ceiling and plaster walls.

5 Main street location --- Located the old-fashioned grocery market inside an historic storefront on a "Main Street" to add one more interesting retail shop to "Main Street" and rejuvenate an old-fashioned concept: walking, biking or just less driving for those citizens living, working and socializing on Wausau's East-side.

6 Energy-efficient lighting --- Installed compact fluorescent lighting for the "school-house" ceiling-hung light fixtures and we're working to replace the spot and accent lights with compact fluorescent illumination, too.

7 Earth-friendly degreasers --- The tin ceiling was grimmy from an oil furnace gone bad or maybe a century of use. We used an earth-friendly degreaser, a sponge, and a wheeled scaffold to hand-scrub the ceiling!

8 Earth-friendly paints --- The rich-colored walls were painted with a low-VOC or no-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint. The paint takes a little extra effort in regards to its application but the richness in color is unmatched.

9 Energy-star certified equipment --- Use Energy-star rated equipment as much as possible.