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Words and Philosophy

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- Cheese --- Anne and Wayne shared their thoughts about cheese:

     "Eating a little chunk of SarVecchio Parmesan Cheese Extra-aged...
     ...is satisfying like eating a chunk of fine chocolate!"

- Cookies --- Gianna and Matt wrote a haiku about Egg & Bunny Cookies:

     Pink pastel egg shells
     Hiding in the new green grass
     Waiting to be found

- Economics --- Kevin Korpela said this about economics, farmers and local-focused grocery stores:

     "Buying food from stores that emphasize local food, such as Downtown Grocery...
     ...places 66 cents of every food dollar back into the pockets of local farmers!"

- Farming --- Kevin Korpela said this statement about farmers:

     "Hey, by the way, farmer's rule!"

- Fruit Cake --- A customer said this about our fruit cake:

     "This is a wonderful fruit cake and you can cut it with a butter knife!"

- Grass-fed Beef --- Randy likes the taste and cost-advantages of eating grass-fed beef:

     "We enjoy the taste of your grass-fed organic ground beef from Good Earth Farm and we've found...
     ...that we need to use only half-the-amount in the same recipe where we had used regular beef."

- Lasagna --- James said this about the "Lasagna with Tomato Wine Sauce" from the Lunch & Dinner Menu:

     "I liked the lasagna so much that I'm taking along another serving to eat for my dessert!"

- Local Food --- Kevin Korpela wrote an essay titled "You are where you eat, so eat where you are":

     An essay about eating local food during the "Wisconsin Eat Local Challenge" held September 2007...
     ...and also read the essay at CitizenWausau.com

- Pickles --- Stephanie expressed her enjoyment about eating our pickles-to-go:

     "We drive through Wausau about twice a month and stop specifically at Downtown Grocery...
     ...to pick-up and enjoy the best pickles that I've ever eaten!"

- Plums --- Kevin Korpela wrote a poem about plums and being true:

     Maybe we should try to be three things
     Be kind, be sincere, be true
     Because you cannot buy these things
     Like a plum, a TV or a shoe!
Copyright Kevin Korpela and ObservatoryDrive.com

- Soup --- GiGi said this about our soups:

     "All your soups are great...
     ...but this Portuguese, White Bean and Kale Soup...
     ...is the best that I've tried so far!"

- Turnips & Hard-boiled Eggs --- Kevin Korpela relates a story about "vegetables and architecture":

     An essay about how a turnip and a hard-boiled egg were used by an architect...
     ...in the 14th Century to explain the design for a new cathederal.

- Vegetables --- Read "stories about vegetables" and their food history and nutrition:

     Veggie stories derived from the book titled:
     ...From Asparagus to Zucchini - a Guide to Cooking Farm-Fresh Seasonal Produce (Third Edition)