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- Market & Food Bar are Now Open!
- Plus Wine, Beer, Spirits and Baked Goods!

Downtown Grocery is opening the new, temporary Market & Food Bar at the Wausau Center Mall in several phases. All four phases now open!

           Phase 1: Market Now Open! (as of Friday, January 29, 2016) Read more!
           Phase 2: Food Bar Now Open! (as of Tuesday, February 23, 2016) Read more!
           Phase 3: Wine, Beer and Spirits now available!
           Phase 4: Baked Goods now available!

The original location for Downtown Grocery, 607 Third Street, is temporarily closed due to September 2015 fire. The fire was extinguished quickly. Thankfully, no one was hurt. We're working with the building owner to re-open as quickly as possible. Read more about the recovery efforts, Wausau Daily Herald, 10/3/15. The Market & Food Bar will remain open until we can return to the original location.

News reports about the pop-up art, new Market & Food Bar, benefit for employees, and fire & recovery:
- 2/24/16, WJFW TV-12, Wausau's Downtown Grocery opens food bar
- 2/24/16, Wausau Daily Herald, Downtown Grocery opens food bar in mall
- 2/12/16, Wausau Daily Herald, Downtown Grocery raises $1,500 for charity
- 1/29/16, Wausau Daily Herald, Downtown Grocery opens new digs
- 1/29/16, WSAW TV-7, Downtown Grocery temporary store finally opens in Wausau Center Mall
- 1/29/16, WJFW TV-12, Downtown Grocery opens new pop-up store four months after fire
- 1/28/16, WSAW TV-7, Downtown Grocery to open temporary store in new home Friday
- 1/27/16, WIFC, WSAU 550 AM, Downtown Grocery's temporary site opens Friday morning
- 1/27/16, WAOW TV-9, Wausau grocery store to open after September fire
- 1/27/16, Wausau Daily Herald, Downtown Grocery to open in mall Friday
- 12/13/15, WJFW TV-12, Wausau businesses host benefit for Downtown Grocery employees
- 12/13/15, WSAW TV-7, Community rallies behind Downtown Grocery employees
- 12/13/15, EastPainters.Blogspot, Students painting for a charity
- 12/11/15, EastPainters.Blogspot, Painting for Community Project
- 12/11/15, EastPainters.Blogspot, Painting for the Downtown Grocery & Wausau Community
- 12/11/15, WSAW TV-7, Students paint for a good cause
- 12/11/15, WSAW TV-7, Wausau East students design art project supporting local business
- 12/10/15, WAOW TV-9, Downtown Grocery gives back to community through art
- 12/8/15, WSAU 550 AM, WDEZ, WIFC, Downtown Grocery preparing temporary home in the mall
- 12/8/15, WSAW TV-7, Downtown Grocery to open temporary location in Wausau Mall
- 12/8/15, Wausau Daily Herald, Downtown Grocery to open temporarily in mall
- 12/8/15, WAOW TV-9, Downtown Grocery to open temporary Wausau location
- 12/1/15, Eventbrite, Downtown Grocery Staff Benefit
- 12/1/15, Wherevent, Benefit for Downtown Grocery employees
- 12/1/15, Wausau Daily Herald, Benefit planned for grocery employees
- 12/1/15, WAOW TV-9, Benefit set to help workers affected by fire at Wausau business
- 10/5/15, WSAU 550 AM, Wausau's Downtown Grocery fire caused by negligence
- 10/5/15, WSAW TV-7, Community helps keep shop owners positive
- 10/5/15, WAOW TV-9, Teen discarding cigarette ignites downtown Wausau fire
- 10/5/15, WAOW TV-9, Cleanup at Downtown Grocery continues after fire
- 10/3/15, Wausau Daily Herald, Crews begin work on Downtown Grocery recovery
- 10/1/15, WAOW TV-9, Businesses come together to help three stores damaged from Wausau fire
- 9/30/15, WI Rapids Tribune, None injured in Downtown Grocery fire
- 9/30/15, Wausau Daily Herald, Businesses rally after Downtown Grocery fire
- 9/29/15, Fox Sports Wausau, Explosion & fire damages 3rd Street businesses in Wausau Tuesday
- 9/29/15, WJFW TV-12, No injuries after fire in downtown Wausau
- 9/29/15, WAOW TV-9, Fire damages two businesses in downtown Wausau

We sincerely thank the community for being so supportive with kind words and donations as we rebuild from this tough situation. We thank everyone involved directly in the recovery and reconstruction process, beginning with the first responders, as all have shown a sense of urgency, problem solving and politeness! Many people have asked how they may help. We've two items that you can do immediately:

           1. Stay positive!
           2. Share with all you know that we're working to re-open Downtown Grocery
                for the supportive community, our many local vendors, and our creative employees.

Thank you,

Kevin Korpela & Megan Curtes Korpela
Phone 715-848-9800 Email
Check for updates!

Wausau Local Organic Fresh Foods

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           - Blue Dot Bakeshop - gluten free indulgence

7 The Kitchen Incubator is the "Home of..." three businesses creating more local food:

           - Be Well Bakeshop - gluten-free goodness, vegan selections, and breads
           - a dash of delicious bakeshop - sweets and treats
           - Blue Dot Bakeshop - gluten free indulgence
* Downtown Grocery, an earth-friendly community place to share ideas and grow a local food economy.